Series Name

BTEC First in Information and Creative Technology Student Book

Part of the BTEC Firsts ICT 2012 series

Publication Date
February 2013

New resources for the new BTEC First in Information and Creative Technology from September 2012

  • Covers all three mandatory units and a wide selection of optional units.
    Each unit of the Student Book is presented in topics to ensure the content is accessible and engaging for learners. 
  • Covers of all the underpinning knowledge and understanding needed at Level 2 to ensure that learners are fully prepared for this course.
  • Activities in each unit provide support and clear direction for learners and can be used in the classroom or for independent work. 
  • New Assessment Zone guides learners through both internal and external assessment.
  • Practice assignments and assessment guidance help learners to achieve their potential in internally assessed units. 

Contents Listing

Units covered

1. The Online World
2. Technology Systems
3. A Digital Portfolio
4. Creating Digital Animation
5. Creating Digital Audio
6. Creating Digital Graphics
7. Creating Digital Video
8. Mobile Apps Development
9. Spreadsheet Development
10. Database Development
11. Computer Networks
12. Software Development
13. Website Development

Customer Reviews

Pratita, LEcturer
Barnet and Southgate College FE
11 September 2015

Colourful pages. Well layed out and has useful activities. However, not all mandatory units included. Database section is particularly informative. Well structured activities and clear explanations. Just the scenario of DVD's is outdated! CORE EXAMINATION UNITS have the Assessment Zone that gives useful information, hints and tips to students.

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