Help yourself to free, downloadable worksheets, guides and activities to bring BBC Active Italian courses to life in the classroom. 

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Talk Italian (Book/CDPack)

9781406678949Talk is perfect for complete beginners, whether for an intensive short course or for a full-year course supplemented by the free materials below.

The accompanying audio can be used in the classroom or at home.



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Using Talk Italian in the Classroom

> Talk Italian in the Classroom

Talk Italian Activities

> Intoduction                                                            > Unit 1 Italian                                                         > Unit 2 Italian

Unit 3 Italian                                                          > Unit 4 Italian                                                         > Checkpoint 1 Italian

Unit 5 Italian                                                          > Unit 6 Italian                                                         > Unit 7 Italian

Checkpoint 2 Italian                                               > Unit 8 Italian                                                         > Unit 9 Italian

Unit 10 Italian                                                        > Checkpoint 3 Italian

Talk Italian Worksheets

Unit 1 Italian                                                          > Unit 2 Italian                                                         > Unit 3 Italian

Unit 4 Italian                                                          > Unit 5 Italian                                                         > Unit 6 Italian

Unit 7 Italian                                                          > Unit 8 Italian                                                         > Unit 9 Italian


TV Transcripts

Talk Italian transcripts of BBC TV series


Additional Resources

Talk Italian clips of BBC TV series


Talk Italian 2 (Book/CD Pack)

9781406679311Talk 2 is perfect for students who have some experience of the target language, and want to build on what they’ve learnt. It is ideal as preparation for a national Level 1 qualification, and covers the preliminary level on the Languages Ladder.

Supplement the ten units and five checkpoints with the classroom activities below. 



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