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Sueños World Spanish 1

9780563472469Sueños World Spanish 1 is a multimedia course for beginners learning Spanish. The course aims to take learners to a level roughly equivalent to GCSE or NVQ level 1.

This Instructor’s Manual provides suggestions and ideas for using Sueños in the classroom to make your lessons as varied and interesting as possible. 



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Sueños World Spanish Activities

> Sueños World Spanish Introduction                         > Sueños World Unit 5 Example                               > Sueños World Spanish Assessment Unit 0-4

Sueños World Spanish Assessment Unit 6-10           > Sueños World Spanish Assessment Unit 11-15        > Sueños World Spanish Assessment Unit 16-20

Sueños World Spanish Worksheets

Sueños World Spanish Worksheet Unit 1-5             > Sueños World Spanish Worksheet Unit 6-10           > Sueños World Spanish Worksheet Unit 11-15

Sueños World Spanish Worksheet Unit 16-20                      


TV Transcripts

SWS1 transcripts to BBC TV series


Additional Resources

SWS1 clips from the BBC TV series


Talk Spanish (Book/CD Pack)

9781406678970Talk is perfect for complete beginners, whether for an intensive short course or for a full-year course supplemented by the free materials below.
The accompanying audio can be used in the classroom or at home.




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Using Talk Spanish in the Classroom

> Talk Spanish in the classroom

Talk SpanishActivities

Introduction                                                               > Unit 1 Spanish                                                     > Unit 2 Spanish

Unit 3 Spanish                                                            > Unit 4 Spanish                                                      > Checkpoint 1 Spanish

Unit 5 Spanish                                                            > Unit 6 Spanish                                                      > Unit 7 Spanish

Checkpoint 2 Spanish                                                  > Unit 8 Spanish                                                      > Unit 9 Spanish

Unit 10 Spanish                                                           > Checkpoint 3 Spanish


Talk Spanish Worksheets

Unit 1 Spanish                                                             > Unit 2 Spanish                                                      > Unit 3 Spanish   

Unit 4 Spanish                                                             > Unit 5 Spanish                                                      > Unit 6 Spanish

Unit 7 Spanish                                                             > Unit 8 Spanish                                                      > Unit 9 Spanish                                              


TV Transcripts

Talk Spanish transcripts to BBC TV series


Additional Resources

Talk Spanish online activities and clips from the BBC TV series


Talk Spanish 2 (Book/CD Pack)

9781406679328Talk 2 is perfect for students who have some experience of the target language, and want to build on what they’ve learnt. It is ideal as preparation for a national Level 1 qualification, and covers the preliminary level on the Languages Ladder. 

Supplement the ten units and five checkpoints with the classroom activities below.



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