Talking The Talk: How To Sound Spanish


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Talking the Talk Spanish is about social conversation: getting to know people and their lives, sharing information, opinions and anecdotes, making plans, talking about aspirations and obligations – and more. The focus is on speaking and listening, and the audio component is designed to support this. It complements the book in various ways.

  • It helps you to pronounce Spanish correctly, since conversation is more enjoyable when both sides understand each other without constant repetition. The presenters, Isabel and Javier, guide you through the sounds of Spanish, prioritising the ones that English speakers often struggle with. You’ll find supporting information in how to sound Spanish in your book.
  • It reinforces the language structures you’re learning in the book by using a selection of the examples to illustrate key sounds. This will also help you to become comfortable with the rhythms of Spanish.
  • It aims to develops your listening skills − since conversation is as much to do with listening as talking. Each of the 10 chapters in the book ends with informal conversations between Javier and Isabel. They’re printed in your book on the talking the TALK pages.

For maximum flexibility, you can download the audio in two ways:

  • how to sound Spanish: the full audio download, divided into short tracks so that you can easily repeat sections as necessary.
  • conversations: a download which gives you the opportunity to listen to the conversations on their own for more intensive listening practice.

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