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AS resources for Salters Advanced Chemistry now published!

AS resources for Salters Advanced Chemistry have now been published and are available to buy (including AS Chemical Storylines, Chemical Ideas and the AS Support Pack). If you haven't already ordered your OCR Chemistry B (Salters) resources - order yours here today.


Planning resources - download for FREE here today!  

To aid your planning, the first two modules of the AS Support Pack are now available to download for FREE until mid-September, providing you with all activities and teacher support materials for the first two AS modules (Elements of Life and Developing Fuels).  


The University of York Science Education Group website is host to further planning materials for those considering switching to Salters Advanced Chemistry, giving FREE access to:

  • AS Support Pack Contents
  • Activities Contents Page
  • About the Course information
  • Sample Activity: Organic dominoes
  • Developing Fuels Concept Map
  • Developing Fuels Module Map  


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