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OCR A Level Chemistry B (Salters)

Exclusively endorsed by OCR for GCE Chemistry B (Salters)

With the University of York Science Education Group, and in exclusive partnership with OCR, Heinemann brings you a range of resources to support the teaching of the 2008  OCR A Level Chemistry B (Salters) specification - Salters Advanced Chemistry .


The Salters Advanced Chemistry course:

  • conveys the excitement of contemporary chemistry using a unique context-led approach that inspires and engages students 
  • provides students with lively, up-to-date integrated resources focused to the 2008 specification, to support their learning
  • includes comprehensive support materials for teachers and technicians for planning, carrying out activities and assessment 
  • delivers interactive lessons using animations, PowerPoints and video clips to help students understand key concepts
  • provides Stretch and Challenge question types in A2 unit assessment.


OCR Chemistry B (Salters) is supported by the University of York Science Education Group website providing a range of associated materials and offering further information about the course from the Project Director.

Visit the UYSEG website to view a spreadsheet mapping SAC resources to the learning outcomes for the 2008 specification .


Salters' Book Grants

Schools that teach the Salters' A Level Curricula can apply for grants of up to £500 towards books for the following courses:

  • Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology
  • Salters Advanced Chemistry
  • Salters Horners Advanced Physics


For further information about the 2012 Salters' Book Grants please visit

Or contact the Publicity Co-ordinator on:

Tel: 020 7628 5962 ext. 260 | Email:



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Series Includes

  • x2 Chemical Storylines Student Books (AS & A2)
  • x1 AS/A2 Chemical Ideas Student Book
  • x2 Revise for Salters Revision Guides (AS & A2)
  • x2 Teacher Support Packs (AS & A2)
  • x2 Interactive Presentations Teacher Resources (AS & A2) 
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