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Video Podcast

What is the BTEC Sport Video Podcast?

A blend of video footage and animation is provided to enrich the learning experience for students, giving them a clear link between theory and practice.

How can the Video Podcast be used?

Use in the classroom, at home or on-the-go - the Video Podcast is designed for use on:

  • MP3 players including iPods

  • Mobile Phones
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

Where can I get the Video Podcast?

You can watch the Video Podcast online right here or download the m4v (format for iPods and QuickTime) for free here:

The Video Podcast is also provided in this .mpg, .m4v and .3gp  in the BTEC Level 3 National Sport Teaching Resource Pack.




See the Video Podcast here:


If your screen is showing a white box with a small red cross in the top corner, then your computer is probably not allowing the podcast to play - to rectify this click on the yellow bar that should be appearing at the top of your page, and select 'Run Active X'.

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