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Apprenticeship Business Administrator Level 3 Handbook

An ideal course companion to support apprentices throughout their on-programme learning.

Apprenticeship Business Administrator (Level 3) Handbook provides apprentices with all the support they will need throughout the on-programme component of their apprenticeship. It is a course companion that includes all the knowledge required by the apprenticeship Standard and set out in the Pearson End-point assessment (EPA) specification, as well as providing opportunities for skills development and an appreciation of appropriate behaviours in the workplace.

The Handbook include:

  • Knowledge-based spreads that explain clearly and in straightforward language the content and concepts that need to be understood
  • Skills-based spreads that provide opportunities for apprentices to practice and develop the skills set out in the Standard
  • Ideas and suggestions for evidence collection and organisation
  • Features that enhance learning and understanding, such as ‘key term’, ‘skills practice’ and ‘professional working’

Organised to reflect the main headings set out in the Standard, the Handbook helps keep apprentices on track and focused throughout the on-programme component of their apprenticeship, and includes the following sections:

  • The organisation
  • Value of their skills
  • Stakeholders
  • Relevant regulation
  • Policies
  • Business fundamentals
  • Processes
  • External environment factors.

The Handbook is designed to provide the most effective learning experience and facilitates understanding through extensive use of diagrams, flow-charts and photos. In addition, it helps apprentices prepare for their EPA with practical advice and preparatory tests to allow apprentices to practise the skills they have developed during the course.

The Handbook keeps apprentices on track and focused on what they need to know to succeed, from the very start, through the Gateway, to a successful and rewarding Apprenticeship.

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