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EPA Practise and Prepare Resources for Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

Get all the guidance and support that apprentices need to prepare for their End-point Assessment (EPA).


EPA Practise and Prepare for Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3 support provides training providers and colleges with a package of resources that prepare apprentices for their EPA. These resources provide the apprentice with guidance and direction as to what they need to do in order to generate the evidence required for EPA. Online delivery ensures easy access to support for all four EPA components, as set out in the Pearson EPA Specification for this Standard, addressing:

  • Multiple-choice knowledge test
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Competency-based interview
  • Professional discussion.

Resources include:

Multiple-choice questions and synoptic tests

The multiple-choice questions follow the same format as the EPA on-screen test, and are provided as PowerPoint presentations, making them completely portable and easy to use on all devices, including mobiles. These cover each of the following topics, as well as providing synoptic tests at the end:

  • Leading people
  • Managing people
  • Building relationships
  • Communication
  • Operational management
  • Project management
  • Finance

Videos and supporting resources to hone essential skills 

Videos form the basis of support for portfolio, competency-based interview and professional discussion. These provide apprentices with a real sense of what each of these look like in practice, and so provide essential reassurance and confidence for tackling these aspects of EPA.

Further resources include exemplar sheets, activity sheets and PowerPoint presentations that can be used with apprentices to enhance their knowledge and help them to hone the essential skills required, as well as developing an appreciation of appropriate behaviours in the workplace.

Online delivery is via Pearson’s ActiveLearn platform, which provides easy access and a user-friendly environment.

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