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EPA Practise and Prepare Resources for Healthcare Support Worker Level 2 and 3

Get all the guidance and support that apprentices need to prepare for their End-point Assessment (EPA).

Healthcare Support Worker Level 2 and Senior Healthcare Support Worker Level 3

The online resource package includes videos and some practice materials toDownload_free_sample_content_CTA_v3 support learners to practice and prepare for the end-point assessment (EPA) at the end of their programme of learning.  The resources are available both online and as downloadable zip files - so flexible whatever your requirements.

For the tutor/assessor, we are providing a rich set of resources that will:
  • assist in preparing the learner for the EPA
  • support the learner to prepare for the EPA process
  • demonstrate the interview and the observation using videos with voiceovers and key bullet points
  • ensure flexibility so resources can be used in any order that works for the tutor/assessor and learner
  • link to the standards for Healthcare Support Worker Level 2 and Senior Healthcare Support Worker Level 3
  • allow the tutor/assessor to support one-to-one or group discussions.
 For the learner, these resources will:
  • demonstrate how learners should prepare for the end point assessment
  • provide insight into what is expected during the interview and the observation
  • include video clips that show examples of the interview and the observation, with voiceovers and bullet points providing extra information
  • support the creation of a portfolio through activities which encourage learners to analyse and reflect on their role and work.

These resources are independent of Pearson's End-Point Assessment service. Choosing Pearson as the EPAO for the standard is not conditional on access or purchase of these resources.

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