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Our Functional Skills English ActiveLearn subscriptions support Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2 specifications. These resources aim to break down the most common barriers faced by learners and provide targeted teaching and learning content to help learners succeed in 13 key topic areas:

  • Answering from the text
  • Format and structure
  • Grammar
  • Organisational features
  • Punctuation 1
  • Punctuation 2
  • Reference material
  • Sentences
  • Speaking, listening and communicating
  • Spelling 1
  • Spelling 2
  • Textual features
  • Vocabulary

The service gives you access to a range of planning, teaching and formative assessment tools.

Interactive Scheme of Work

An interactive planning tool that can be adapted to suit your delivery model:

  • Routes through the curriculum for a 30-week, 15-week or 5-week course
  • Direct links to our teaching and learning resources

Teaching and learning

The following resources are available for each topic:

  • 1 x slide presentation with notes/suggestions for delivery
  • 1 x Entry Level 3 worksheet
  • 2 x Level 1 worksheets
  • 2 x Level 2 worksheets
  • Teaching notes
  • Answers to worksheet questions

Formative assessment and booster activities

Our formative assessments allow you to see progress that individual learners are making and identify gaps in knowledge – and booster worksheets are available for further support.

  • Online and paper-based formative assessments – one per topic for each level (E3, L1, L2)
  • Online formative assessments are automarked
  • Booster worksheets for each topic help bridge remaining skills gaps
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