Returning your inspection and approval orders just got even easier

As you probably know, if you're ordering on this website from a UK educational establishment and paying on your invoice account, you have the option to use our inspection and approval service.


This great service gives you the option to review our resources and return them to us FREE at any time during your evaluation period.


The good news is you can now do this on the website by logging into Myaccount! You'll find that most of the details are filled in already and you can return more than one invoice at the same time.


How to do it

1. Log in to myaccount (You'll need your establisment account number)


2. Select the 'Track Evaluation items on your Account' tab 


 Myaccount selection tabs

3. For each invoice you have currently outstanding, click the 'Book Return' link on the right 


Myaccount invoice


...You'll then get taken to a short form where you can arrange collection - you'll find we've filled in most of the details too!



Book your return online




Find out more about our inspection/approval service 




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