Welcome to our new-look website

brand-mobile-in-handWelcome to our new-look Pearson Schools and FE Colleges website.

The new site is mobile-friendly, making it more flexible for you to use. It will be just as easy to use on desktop, laptop or mobile.

The new look is a visible signal of what Pearson stands for today and in the future, but nothing changes in the way we work together. As always, we’re committed to providing the the best support, tailored for you. Watch the video below to see how Pearson aims to help people around the world through access to better learning.


A more consistent approach

We’ve rolled out the new look across Pearson in the UK in 2016, including the Pearson UK and the Pearson Qualifications websites.

Visit the main Pearson UK website >

Visit the Pearson Qualifications website >


Tell us what you think

As always, you can use the ‘feedback’ link found on every page of the site to tell us what you think of the changes.


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