Myaccount on the Pearson schools website

Our MyAccount section allows you to administer many areas of your shopping experience, and is useful for those of you that order online, AND those of you that don't. 

One section of MyAccount is for those of you ordering on the website (either using your establishment account or your credit/debit card) and allows you to see your own personal shopping history on the website.

There's a separate area in MyAccount for bursars and finance officers who are interested in all orders placed on your establishment account. This area covers all orders on the establishment account made by all employees at the establishment, and all ways of ordering - via the website, through a sales consultant, over the phone. 

Order history

Looking for an area where you can view your own personal ecommerce order history on the website? When you visit myaccount, you'll notice a section called "Purchased on this website using your establishment account or a debit/credit card?" - this area is for you. You can login here using the email address and password you registered online, and allows you to:

  • View your online orders
  • Cancel online orders
  • Collect your paid-for downloads

Establishment accounts 

Looking for an area where you can view all purchase activity on your establishment account? When you visit MyAccount, you'll notice a section called "Your establishment account" - this area is for you. You can login with your Pearson account number, and track ANY order with us - orders on this website, orders made over the phone, fax or email, and orders made with your local consultant. In this section you can:

  • View all firm and evaluation orders made on your account, and the status of these orders
  • See who in your establishment placed the order
  • See when your order is due to be sent out to you
  • Track your package if your order has already been deployed to you.

Order tracking

You can now track the progress of your ecommerce orders in MyAccount.

1/Log in to your MyAccount area and you will find your online order history:



2/ You will be able to view your order details and the delivery information is shown by order across each product ordered:



3/ There is also further detail by each product so you can track your individual parcels by clicking on the "delivery van" symbol:




4/ You will be able to see an information box containing a link to your unique tracking reference for each part of your order:



5/ You can then click on this link and it will take you to your tracking information (including time, date and signature of receipt):



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