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The Junior African Writers Series

Developed in Africa for African learners, the Junior African Writers Series (JAWS) is a collection of high-quality supplementary Readers for schools. 

Each strand within JAWS caters for different reading interests, abilities and ages to offer something for every student.  JAWS titles are written by authors from all over Africa.


The Junior African Writers Series consists of:

JAWS African Greats

Four books that explore key African figures in the areas of sport, music, writing and thinking.


JAWS Big Books

JAWS Big Books are a series of popular JAWS stories that are available in a bigger size, to help teach fun and engaging whole-class English reading


JAWS Big Books for Liberia

With stories full of references specific to Liberia, these Readers can help teach fun and engaging whole-class English reading


JAWS Discovery

Stimulating information and reference-style books covering topics across the curriculum.


JAWS Fiction

Modern and traditional stories set in Africa, graded for both primary and secondary learners.


JAWS Health and Environment

Information books designed to raise awareness of the most important health and environmental issues facing Africa today.



29 story and information books covering themes central to HIV/Aids education.  Many of the HIV/Aids titles are also available in French.


JAWS Starters 

Simple, colourfully illustrated stories for 5-8 year olds.


JAWS Science and Technology

Information series written to raise awareness of the most important science and technology issues facing Africa today. 


JAWS Wordbooks

Beautifully illustrated books that help young readers to learn new words and develop important visual literacy skills.



JAWS in other languages

Selected JAWS titles are available in French, Kiswahilli, Kinyarwanda and Amharic, and we are happy to discuss publishing in other languages. We can also produce country specific versions or bespoke resources as part of a literacy or CSR programme.  Please contact your local Pearson representative or agent for more details.


JAWS by Age

JAWS titles range from early primary through to senior secondary age.  To help identify the right JAWS title for your English learner you can download this .


Series Includes

x 4 African Greats Readers

x 4 Big Book Readers

x 4 Big Book Readers for Liberia

x 13 Discovery Readers

x 2 Discovery Readers in French

x 22 Fiction Level 1 Readers

x 25 Fiction Level 2 Readers

x 20 Fiction Level 3 Readers

x 12 Fiction Level 4 Readers

x 9 Fiction Level 5 Readers

x 10 Fiction Readers in French

x 12 Health & Environment Readers

x 29 HIV/AIDS Readers

x 23 HIV/AIDS Readers in French

x 13 Starters Level 1 Readers

x 13 Starters Level 2 Readers

x 13 Starters Level 3 Readers

x 9 Starter Readers in French

x 4 Science and Technology

x 6 Wordbooks

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