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New General Mathematics for Tanzania

New General Mathematics provides the ideal solution for success in CSE Mathematics, offering full coverage of the TIE/MOEVT syllabus.

It fully prepares students for the Mathematics examinations by offering full syllabus coverage with topics clearly set out so they can be followed easily, plus tried and tested examples and exercises revised and updated for secondary schools.

New General Mathematics consists of 4 Students’ Books, each with an accompanying Teacher’s Guide.

The Students’ Books feature:

  • preliminary chapters that provide revision and reinforcement practice of previously taught topics, with chapter summaries that aid students’ recall and revision
  • new concepts that are introduced and explained fully with useful tables, formulae and written summaries that aid student recall of key points so they are better prepared for their examinations
  • graded exercises for all levels plus detailed worked examples with notes and commentary that provide plenty of practice, in addition to regular revision sections and tests that assist weaker learners and extend high-ability pupils.

The Teacher’s Guides:

  • offer a clear route through the course that follows the TIE syllabus, setting out lesson objectives, practical resources required and a vocabulary check list that will help you plan and execute your lessons effectively
  • provide full guidance on how best to teach the course in the classroom to tackle difficult-to-understand mathematical concepts and so boost your confidence in teaching mathematics
  • provide complete answers to the Students’ Book exercises and activities for your reference and student self-assessment.

Series Includes

x 4 Students' Books

x 4 Teacher's Guides

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