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Series Name

TIE Secondary Sciences

TIE Secondary Sciences has been developed by the TIE's own specialists using their unique knowledge of the subject to create a series of resources for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

All the resources provide a perfect match to the syllabus and include a Students' Book and Teacher's Guide for each subject.

The Students' Books include:

  • real-life examples and a full range of practical activities that allow students to relate science to the world around them, plus end of topic questions that reinforce learning and prepare students for exam conditions.
  • an easy-to-navigate format with comprehensive appendices that takes the student through the course step-by-step, with topic objectives that make explicit the syllabus coverage so you can be confident that you are teaching the full course.
  • a highly illustrated, full colour design including numerous photographs that explain concepts clearly and is exciting and motivating.

The Teacher's Guide provide:

  • full guidance on taking a student-centred approach to teaching that encourages students to think and apply their scientific knowledge, with extra help, advice and topic objectives that give you confidence in effectively delivering the syllabus.
  • a clear, easy-to-navigate format that takes you through the course in a logical way, to help you ensure that you maxmise the potential of your students in their senior exams.
  • complete answers to Students' Book exercises and activities for your reference.

Series Includes

x 6 Students' Books

x 6 Teacher's Guides

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