Sex and Relationship Education New Edition (Ages 10-12)

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April 2015

Growing up: the physical and emotional aspects

Using video clips, audio, images and activities, to tackle the important theme of sex education, puberty, sexual reproduction and birth, feelings, friendship and family.

This interactive CD-ROM uses BBC video along with images, audio clips, discussion prompts and activities to help children understand the physical and emotional aspects of growing up and dealing with important issues like internet safety.

Arranged around five themes: growing up, the cycle of life, feelings, family life, and friendship.

Carefully chosen contents provide children to reflect on topics in a sensitive and supported way, as well as making a difficult topic easier to teach.

Writing activities allow children to develop their ideas and give them a context for literacy work.


Contents Listing

Unit 1: Growing up


Physical changes:

  • Body changes
  • Periods
  • Wet dreams
  • Hygiene

Emotional changes:

  • Different feelings for different people


Unit 2: Cycle of life


Sexual reproduction

  • Birth
  • Sexuality
  • Change and loss


Unit 3: Feelings


  • Managing feelings
  • Respecting other people's feelings
  • Keeping safe


Unit 4: Family life


  • Different family patterns
  • Marriage and partnerships

Celebrating events:

  • Birth
  • Marriage


Unit 5: Friendships


  • Making friends
  • When friendships go wrong
  • Keeping friends


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