Rites of Passage Whiteboard Active Pack

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March 2008

Teaches children about the journey of life and different beliefs about death

The journey of life according to different religions, how they mark life's stages, and what different faiths believe about death. Covering Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism, and the theme 'The journey of life and death' from the National Framework for RE.

This Whiteboard Active CD-ROM features an inspiring compilation of the very best BBC video, photos, audio, stories and interactive activities, based around the journey of life.

Designed to support RE teaching and learning with the 7-11 age group, this resource has much that can also be shared with 5-7 year olds as well.

Rites of Passage covers the journey of life, birth, growing up, marriage, the end of the journey, and it includes the following religions: 

  • Christianity 
  • Judaism
  • Islam 
  • Sikhism 
  • Hinduism 
  • Buddhism

An extensive range of video clips, resources and supporting activities show how different faiths mark life’s stages – from infant Baptism and the Muslim headshaving of a new baby, through coming of age and marriage to the end of life’s journey and what different faiths believe about death.

Literacy activities are included with special Writing Focus pages which include key words and literacy support.

Rites of Passage Whiteboard Active CD-ROM


Contents Listing

Rites of Passage Whiteboard Active CD-ROM

Unit 1: Introduction

  • The Journey of Life
  • Growing old
  • What makes people happy?


Unit 2: Birth

  • The start of life
  • What's in a name?
  • Islam:
    - The birth of a baby is a blessing
  • Sikhism:
    - Choosing a name
  • Christianity:
    - A Christian baptism
    - Welcome to the Christian family
    - A welcome for Jesus

Writing focus: A big responsibility


Unit 3: Growing up

  • Changes and new beginnings
  • Judaism:
    - Bar mitzvah: A sign of growing up
    - Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah ceremonies
    - Bar mitzvah quiz
  • Christianity:
    - A Roman Catholic first communion
    - A Church of England confirmation service
    - Confirmation Quiz
    - Baptism in the River Jordan
    - Baptism in a Baptist Church
  • Sikhism:
    - The story of the Khalsa
    - Taking amrit
    - The Five Ks
    - Five Ks quiz

Writing focus: A special time in my life


Unit 4: Marriage

  • A World of weddings
  • Choosing a partner
  • Christianity:
    - A Christian wedding
    - Wedding vows
    - Jesus goes to a wedding
  • Judaism:
    - The Jewish Wedding
    - The story of Ruth and Boaz
  • Hinduism:
    - A Hindu wedding
    - The story of Rama and Sita

Writing focus: A letter about a wedding


Unit 5: The end of the journey

  • The end of this life's journey
  • Hinduism:
    - What do Hindus believe about the journey of life? - Rajiv Ghandi's funeral
  • Buddhism:
    - Prince Sidartha's search for meaning
    - The story of Kisa and the mustard seeds
  • Christianity:
    - What do Christians believe Easter tells them about life's end?
    - What to Christians believe happens when someone dies?
    - A place of rest
    - A graveyard with a difference
    - Going to a Christian funeral
  • Marking the end and celebrating a life
    - Helping us to remember
Writing focus: My life journey

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