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Progression Maps

Our experts have mapped out all of the objectives of the new Programmes of Study for Maths and Reading, and divided them up by year and by term. They are also displayed according to umbrella skill areas and sub-strands. 

View a section of the Maths progression map

View a section from the Reading progression map 

Progress Tests

Download a sample maths test 

Download a sample Reading test 

Marking Guidance

Download sample marking guidance for Reading  

New end-of-year tests for Maths 

These additional Progress & Assess Maths tests are available to buy in print format and work alongside the regular half-termly tests in Progress & Assess by:

  • Helping to prepare children in every year group for the Maths end of key stage tests.
  • Helping you identify any potential areas of weakness – with marking guidance to help you target remedial action.
  • Helping you to benchmark children before they move into the next year, giving you information to pass on to children’s next teacher and parents.
  • Giving you an extra chance to target remediation at Year 6 pupils before they move into Secondary.

Year 2 and Year 6 test are available now, with other years to follow. Take a look at some samples now*.

*These test samples are extracts from the three papers created for year 6 and the two papers created for year 2. As they are not complete test papers they shouldn't be used as full tests with children.


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