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What is mastery?

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) is working with maths experts across the country to develop a consistent understanding of the key principles behind maths mastery.

At its core, a mastery approach rejects the idea that some children can’t do maths. It recognises that by nurturing positive attitudes and building confidence in mathematics, all children can achieve.

Concepts are built in small, logical steps and are explored through clear mathematical structures and representations. Children are taught together as a whole class and the focus is on depth - not acceleration - so that all children have a chance to embed learning. Teaching is supported by high-quality resources which present the flow of lessons coherently and provide opportunities for plenty of intelligent practice.

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Looking for resources to support you in teaching for mastery?

Discover Power Maths - our whole-school mastery programme created in partnership with White Rose Maths and recommended by the DfE.

Discover School Jam, an app for schools featuring fun, easy-to-use maths activities to engage parents with their children’s learning and help them to make better progress in class.

Discover Maths Flex and take a 6-week free trial of our new practice service for KS2 that combines mastery approaches with powerful AI.

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