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Learn at Home is part of Pearson, the world’s largest educational publisher.

We believe that parents are crucial to children's success - however brilliantly a child is taught and however stimulating their school environment is, if learning isn't reinforced at home then part of the picture will always be missing.  

We also understand it can be daunting to know where to start to support your child’s learning, and that time is a major factor. And we know that children are becoming more and more savvy about what, and how, they learn.

Which is why at Learn at Home we’re dedicated to providing children with high-quality books and apps that we know will really get them excited. And why we also provide free help, advice and activities to parents to support them with their children’s learning.


Learn at Home

At Learn at Home you'll find a huge collection of fabulously modern fiction books packed with well-known characters that children know and love, free Mumsnet Learning articles on children's learning and development, stacks of free activities and eBooks for you to use at home with your child - and a whole lot more. 


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