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At Learn at Home we understand what it can be like trying to keep up with your child's education and the best way to go about supporting them. So we provide a helping hand in the form of free advice and information; plus free activities, games and eBooks that you can use at home with your child.

We believe that this kind of support is crucial and should be accessible to everyone, which is why our Learn at Home advice is all provided free.


Learn at Home FAQ bank

We created the free Learn at Home FAQ bank, to answer some of those frequently asked questions you may have around choosing schools and supporting your child at school.

Visit the Learn at Home FAQ bank.



Mumsnet Learning

We’ve teamed up with Mumsnet, the UK's most successful parenting website, to create Mumsnet Learning. Through Mumsnet Learning we provide free learning-related content, advice and information, all in one place, to support you with your child’s learning at school. We cover topics like maths, reading, science and more, and as well as regularly updated educational articles, there are also videos, free eBooks and activities.

Visit Mumsnet Learning.


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