Bug Club Bridging Bands Pro Independent Pack

Publication Date
August 2017

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This pack contains:

x1 BC White A/2A The Fang Family: Fright at the Fair£5.50
x1 BC White A/2A Sarah Jane Adventures: Painting Peril£5.50
x1 BC White B/2A Sarah Jane Adventures: Haunted House£5.50
x1 BC White B/2A Meddlers: The Not-So-Merry-Go-Round£5.50
x1 BC Lime A/3C Meddlers: Tick, Tock, Unfix the Clock£5.50
x1 BC Lime B/3C Meddlers: Lickety Kwick and the Mixed-Up Fix£5.50
x1 BC NF Lime B/3C About Earth£5.50
x1 BC NF Lime A/3C Awesome Animal Adventures£5.50
x1 BC Lime B/3C Star Wars: I Want To Be A Jedi£5.50
x1 BC NF Lime A/3C Poptropica: The Ultimate Guide£5.50
x1 BC NF White A/2A Birds of Prey£5.50
x1 BC NF White A/2A Caring for Exotic Animals£5.50
x1 BC NF White B/2A Earth's Amazing Environments£5.50
x1 BC NF White B/2A Gross Things£5.50
x1 BC Lime/3C Comic: Monstrous Trouble£5.50
x1 BC White/2A Comic: Mirror Magic£5.50
x1 BC Lime A/3C Bumblebees, Sweets and a See-Through Stomach£5.50
x1 BC Lime A/3C Pirate School: The Birthday Battle£5.50
x1 BC Lime B/3C Work! Work! Work!£5.50
x1 BC Lime B/3C Pirate School: Nice Dog!£5.50
x1 BC White A/2A Wizards, Spiders and Castles£5.50
x1 BC White A/2A Stunt Bunny: Superpet£5.50
x1 BC White B/2A Mona the Moaner£5.50
x1 BC White B/2A Stunt Bunny: The Great Getaway£5.50
x1 BC NF Lime A/3C Bugs in our Homes£5.50
x1 BC NF Lime B/3C Watching Comets£5.50
x1 BC NF White A/2A How Animals Smell, Taste and Touch£5.50
x1 BC NF White B/2A Black-tailed Prairie Dogs£5.50
x1 BC JD Plays Lime/3C The Smell of the Cakes£5.50
x1 BC JD Plays White/2A My Dog's Got No Nose£5.50
x1 Bug Club Lime A DreamWorks Dragons: When Lightning Strikes£5.50
x1 Bug Club Lime All Wallace & Gromit: A Runaway Success£5.50
x1 Bug Club White All Wallace & Gromit: The Weatherman£5.50
x1 Bug Club Lime B DreamWorks Dragons: No Pack Like Home£5.50
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