Bug Club Vocabulary

A strong foundation in verbal communication and storytelling is hugely important for future Literacy success.


What is it?

The Bug Club Vocabulary Early Years Language Booster is a fun and effective series of play based sessions for children in Reception and the Early Years who start school behind their peers in their language development.


What's in it?

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Tackling the ‘vocabulary gap’, the kit, authored by a qualified speech therapist, contains 20 lesson plans for individual use, or with small groups.

It also comes with a LEGO Education® Story Tales box, which includes characters and Duplo blocks. 

How it works

Sessions are designed to be delivered by a teaching assistant, including a placement probe and assessment tasks to measure progress.

The lesson plans are specifically designed to help children in Reception who need a little extra help with their language development, using those all-important traditional tales for effective, motivating lessons that work on:

  • Storymaking and telling
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Creating and sequencing stories
  • Confidence

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Next steps

Now you know more about Bug Club Vocabulary, you can purchase the Early Years Language Booster right now.

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