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Capture your children's imagination and nurture lifelong readers

Bug Club is shown to deliver 30 months of progress in reading in just 18 months* whilst developing a love of reading. Flexible packages including an engaging online reading world capture your children’s imagination and support all the crucial components of becoming a lifelong reader.

From decoding words to developing fluency every step is supported with comprehensive planning, teachingand assessment tools.

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The newest member to the Bug Club Family.

Engaging stories with curriculum-linked vocabulary progression. 


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EYE Guide-To...Closing the word gap 

"When investing in a scheme, schools need to be sure that it is comprehensive and finely-levelled, enabling teachers to select with confidence texts they know will meet each child’s individual needs. However, these must be books that children will love to read."

Sally Player, foundation stage leader, Quilters Infants School 

Our new Guide-To, in association with Early Years Educator, explores how Bug Club can provide a whole-school strategy for reading and vocabulary teaching and learning. 

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Bug Club Family



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Bug Club Guided


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Bug Club Phonics


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Grammar and Spelling Bug


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Bug Club Vocabulary


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Bug Club Family Guarantee

  • Developed from proven methods and pedagogies all Bug Club family members provide planning, teaching and assessment tools to deliver the requirements of the Primary English curriculum with a flexible range of packages to suit your needs.
  • Phonic readers, fiction and non-fiction books in addition to online resources feature captivating content of the highest quality that children want to engage with.  
  • Independent studies* have shown schools using Bug Club make more progress and that all their children have more positive attitudes to reading than schools without the resource.  

Each member of the family increases reading enjoyment by offering your children engaging and imagintaive books and eBooks that they would choose themselves. 


Can I buy print and digital combined?
Yes, you can buy any combination of print and digital package to suit your school.

That means you could purchase a KS1 Starter Independent package in print, and a KS2 Pro Independent package as a digital subscription, if it suited your needs.

You could even purchase both a print and digital version of the KS1 Starter Independent package if it worked for you.
Why do I need print?

For very young children physical printed books can be useful for developing fine motor skills, and when technology is not prevalent in the home, or not sufficient in schools to support groups of children reading, printed books are beneficial.

Why do I need an online susbcription?

Digital eBooks can provide children with a private reading experience in their own pupil world, and where technology is available, can prevent 'take home readers' being lost or damaged.

The additional interactivity in eBooks ia also beneficial, offering features such as audio narration, and embedded digital quizzes with automatic feedback and reporting for teachers.

Can I buy packages online?
I don't want to commit to an entire package...
No problem. You can buy as many single books (or multi-book packs) as you need, without committing to a Bug Club package or subscription.
Do I need to buy professional development courses?

Professional development courses aren't compulsory when purchasing Bug Club, but they are highly recommended.

We've found that customers who take the professional development get greater value for money out of the programme as the additional knowledge allows them to be confident in using the full range of features and content available. Our courses don't just cover functionality but also pedagogy and action planning about how best to use the resource in your classroom.

Tell me more about the Bug Club study?

Bug Club was subject to a randomised controlled trial which was conducted independently by the Institue of Education in London. The study compared schools using Bug Club against a control group not using Bug Club and found that pupils using Bug Club made on average 30 months of progress in reading in 18 months. 

Read the full Bug Club efficacy report.

Can I get a discount on my Bug Club purchase?
All Bug Club packages, from the smallest to the largest, come with built-in discounts. You can save up to 29% when you buy a print package from us.
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Next steps

Now you know more about Bug Club, you can get immediate access to nine free book samples, and three teaching guidance samples.

They include snapshots of KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7 titles from Independent and Guided packages, across a range of genres.

Try some free samples

Already convinced? Book a free demo for your school, so one of our consultants can show you how Bug Club will work for your school and your reading requirements.

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* Results after 18 months from an independent study carried out by leading academics from UCL Institute of Education (IOE), in partnership with the Pearson UK Research Team. Research was conducted with KS1 children, with findings on progression based on pupils being ahead of the control group.
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