How does Bug Club Guided Reading work?

Guided Reading is split into KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7, with each approached differently to better suit the stages of your children’s development.

KS1 / P1-3


At this level:

  • Guided Reading is centred around fantastic books that your children will want to read
  • Makes use of easy-to-use teacher cards to ease the burden on your preparation
  • Guided reading cards for KS1/P1-3 cover multiple sessions with you, going into depth with each text and asking questions that will challenge and grow your children’s comprehension skills
  • Plus, there are accompanying photocopiable activities around each title to extend learning


KS2 / P4-7

At this level, Guided Reading is built on a robust, three question approach.

  1. The looking question: literal comprehension
  2. The clue question: making connections and inferences to further comprehension
  3. The thinking question: going beyond the text, connecting text to self and text to world to access deep comprehension.

The approach follows a structured and clearly defined teaching cycle with meaningful activities to support an in-depth and consistent focus on comprehension.




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