How does Bug Club Independent Reading work?

Bug Club offers your children books and eBooks that they would choose themselves.

An independent study has shown reading from home is greatly encouraged by the brilliant online reading world, and you’re equipped with tools to help plan and monitor progress.


Embedded activities in the online reading world


In online subscription options, every title comes with embedded activities to engage your children further and encourage deeper learning. Plus, for every completed task, children are rewarded with coins and prizes that can be used within the online world.

All embedded activities are trackable, which helps you to develop a better understanding of your children’s progress - which helps when it comes to planning and adapting literacy lessons.

Available for KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7, Bug Club’s Independent Reading packages are best used with an online subscription.

Accessible anywhere, fun to use, and with activities embedded in every eBook, your children will be keen to read the books you assign to them and will become engrossed in a world of reading.



More about the online reading world

  • Allocate eBooks to your children at the click of a button.
  • Each eBook in the reading world comes with its own embedded activities to inform your formative assessment.
  • When children complete the activities they earn coins that can be spent in a range of reward worlds.
  • As children complete eBooks they build up a library, so they can easily re-read their favourite books.

Print packages are also available if preferred



Complete a simple form and request a free demo of Bug Club in your school.


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