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Reading records



Tracking your children's reading is important. That's why you need Bug Club Reading Records — a simple way to keep track of the reading children are doing at home, that is suitable for both KS1 and KS2 children.

At the back of the reading record, there is a Phonics progression chart that explains the sounds covered at each phonics stage and how these relate to our Bug Club book bands as well as a high frequency words chart for adults and children to refer to.


There are spaces for children to record their thoughts at the bottom of the reading record page and the back page of the book: what they have enjoyed and the new things they have learned, or want to learn more about.


Are your children reading Bug Club online? On the inside front cover there is a dedicated space for children to record their log in details saving time when it comes to reading those exciting books in ActiveLearn!


Available now

You can purchase Bug Club Reading records from just 79p per record, or purchase a pack of 30 for your whole class for just £22.99.

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