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Bug Club Lime Plus

KS1 Stamina Readers for your high achievers

Bug Club Lime Plus books give high attaining children age-appropriate fiction and non-fiction stories which help them to work at greater depth, and allow you to measure their reading progress.

There are 20 readers, each with inside cover notes which offer comprehension questions for children reading independently. Varying from 32 to 48 pages long, each book is carefully leveled and built to help children build stamina and manage a longer, more involved text, without moving them out of age-appropriate stories and topics.

Lime Plus book covers

Also included is a teaching guide, which gives a concise lesson plan and photocopiable writing activity for each title in Lime Plus. Lesson plans provide teacher support for Guided Reading sessions, and focus on developing children's core comprehension skills.

So, to summarise, Bug Club Lime Plus has:

  • 20 books in total, only available in print
  • 8 non-fiction titles on geography and nature topics
  • 12 diverse and engaging new fiction titles
  • Accompanying teacher guide with lesson plan and photocopiables
  • Books suitable for independent reading
  • Teaching guide gives guided reading support as well

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Have a peek inside before you buy using the links below. 

Weathering and Erosion Lime Plus book coverWeathering and Erosion (Non-fiction)

Download sample pages of the book (PDF, 1.88MB)


What If Lime Plus book cover

What If? (Fiction)

Download sample pages of the book (PDF, 1.26MB)

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