Everything you need for the complete reading programme

Everything you need for the complete reading programme.

In Ultimate Reading packages, you get everything you need for both Independent and Guided Reading, plus access to Progress and Assess Reading.

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Choose between:

  • KS1 / P1-3
  • KS2 / P4-7
  • or Whole School Ultimate packages

Each of which is made by combining Independent and Guided Reading packages and adding in brilliant extras to create you a reading programme that fulfils all your needs.


Shared Reading for the whole class

In KS1 Ultimate Reading packages, you will get access to Julia Donaldson's Shared Reading Plays to Act for the whole class.

Find out more about Julia Donaldson's Shared Reading Plays

JD_playstoact  JD_playstoact2

Track and assess

Included in every Ultimate package, you can assess pupils’ reading skills by using the assessment tests, which make tracking pupil progress simple.

Progress and Assess assessment tests are:

  • Easy to use
  • Visual
  • Time-saving
  • And help to make your teaching more precise with progression maps

Plus, the reporting tools use a simple traffic light system to show you whether your students are on-track, working towards, or below expectations, and highlights areas of weakness. And a one-click progress chart tracks children’s progress against Age Related Expectations.

Example screen from reporting tool in Progress and Assess

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