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What is Phonics Bug?

A teaching approach that's proven to work

Phonics Bug is written by Joyce Watson and Rhona Johnston|, the team behind the highly regarded seven-year Clackmannanshire project into the synthetic phonics teaching method, which produced remarkable gains in children’s reading and spelling skills.

Phonics Bug Alphablock man_100 pixelsPhonics Bug is fast-paced – children start to read after learning just eight phonemes - and combines fun 100% decodable books with BBC CBeebies video and whole-class teaching software to give you a range of aural, visual and kinaesthetic phonic activities to appeal to all the children in your class.


Teachers love teaching with Phonics Bug

Phonics Bug SidZak eBook screenshot_200 pixels|With Phonics Bug at your side, teaching phonics is easy. The whole-class teaching software gives you everything you need for front-of-class teaching and the 100% decodable readers, interactive games and fun activity sheets consolidate children’s learning and provide plenty of opportunities for active participation.

Once they’ve mastered the basics, children ‘step across’ to the Bug Club books| for extra reading breadth and because every book is also available as an eBook, it’s easy for children to continue their reading adventures at home.


Phonics Bug whole-class teaching resource

Each lesson begins with a short video from the BBC CBeebies Words and Pictures series which allows your children to hear the sound pronounced correctly and see how the letter is formed. Fun animations and songs help ensure they remember what they’ve learned and they’ll love learning with their favourite CBeebies presenters!

Phonics Bug cBeebies screenshot_200 pixels|Next, there are lots of whole-class whiteboard activities to help your class practise their reading, spelling and writing skills, before they move on to independent work either in groups or individually. With online reading games, worksheets for writing practice and books and eBooks to read, there’s plenty for your children to enjoy independently.

Take a tour around the Phonics Bug software| or try it for free with our free Bug Club trial|.

From Phonics Bug whole-class teaching software, CBeebies video clip


Phonics Bug readers – readers that are 100% decodable

Fun, varied and packed with humour, each Phonics Bug book is 100% Phonics Bug Sid is Sick fiction spread_200 pixels|decodable so your children will be able to read them independently after learning just eight phonemes. With familiar characters, including the hugely popular CBeebies Alphablocks, and fantastically motivating artwork, your children will love learning to read with Phonics Bug.

From Sid is Sick, fiction Phonics Bug reader


Phonics Bug eBooks – electronic versions of all readers

Phonics Bug SidZak eBook screenshot_200 pixels|Each Phonics Bug reader is also available as an eBook, accessed through Bug Club’s online reading world. With the same great artwork as the printed book in a simple online interface, these eBooks are a great way to encourage even the most reluctant readers and they’re perfect for use at at home as well as at school.Phonics Bug Sounds Game screenshot_200 pixels| Each eBook has audio narration to help with pronunciation when children are reading independently and parent notes are personalised for each child so parents can offer exactly the right level of help and encouragement to their child as they practise reading at home.

From Sid and Zak eBook and a Sounds Game


Try one of our Phonics Bug eBooks| (Kit’s Kip, fiction book) or try all the eBooks for free with our free Bug Club trial|.



Phonics Bug Teaching & Assessment guides

A guide for each of Foundation and KS1 provides step-by-step advice to help you plan and deliver great lessons with Phonics Bug.

Phonics Bug Teaching_Guide_100 pixels|Each guide contains lots of great support, including detailed lesson and revision plans, ready-made assessment sheets to help test spelling and reading skills, guidance for gathering regular evidence of children's progress, time-saving photocopy masters to help you create independent activities and printed flashcards that dispense with all that tedious and time-consuming printing and cutting out!

From Phonics Bug Reception (P1)Teaching and Assessment Guide



Want to see more teaching support? See inside a Phonics Bug Teaching Guide|, take a look at a Phonics Bug Assessment sheet| and check out the Phonics Bug Flashcards|.


Parents supporting reading at home

Get every child reading by age six with Phonics BugChildren who love reading at school often can't wait to get their reading books out at home. But sometimes, with so many competing distractions, more hesitant readers need a little encouragement to carry on reading at home.

The Phonics Bug eBooks offer just that encouragement! They can be accessed at home as well as at school, so parents can easily support the learning that goes on in the classroom by encouraging their child to read Phonics Bug eBooks at home too.

Each eBook includes parent notes and pronunciation guides tailored to the individual child so you can be sure parents are supporting children's reading at home in just the right way. 


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