Bug Club Shared Reading

Engaging stories with curriculum-linked vocabulary progression

What is Bug Club Shared Reading?

Bug Club Shared is a new primary reading scheme that uses high-quality books, designed to be read out loud, to encourage excitement around reading for pleasure. With a structured, systematic approach to vocabulary progression, these beautifully illustrated books introduce children to rich and challenging words from other subject areas that enable them to make cross-curricular links in their learning.  

The scheme has been developed in collaboration with curriculum expert Mary Myatt and leading knowledge-rich curriculum MAT, the Knowledge Schools Trust, to ensure the effective delivery and retention of knowledge.  

Teachers have also been involved in the development of the scheme through our Teacher Partnership Programme




What can Bug Club Shared help my school achieve?  

  • Excitement around reading for pleasure - Beautifully illustrated, engaging texts combined with classroom interaction and discussion creates an enjoyable yet purposeful, reading aloud experience.  

  • Closing the word gap – Proven methods of spaced learning, repetition and formative assessment are used to ensure children have the vocabulary they need to succeed across the curriculum.  

  • Reducing teacher workload - Ready-made adaptable lesson plans help teachers save time planning and organising their shared reading sessions. The range of vocabulary covered enables teachers to make the best use of teaching time through cross-curricular links with other subjects. 

What’s in Bug Club Shared? 

  • 36 high-quality, illustrated story books (12 each for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) 

  • Online subscription on Active Learn Primary including:  
    - An interactive scheme of work covering two weeks of structured learning, per book 
    - Digital editions of each book for display on Interactive White Board 
    - Videos of each book being read aloud by professional readers   
    - Teacher notes to support each reading session 
    - Videos to help deliver Professional Development training to broaden knowledge about the benefits of shared reading. 


How does Bug Club Shared Meet the Ofsted Inspection Requirements?

  • Bug Club Shared introduces children to new vocabulary with cross-curricular links that not only enables them to communicate effectively, but inspires confident speakers and fluent readers.
  • Each classroom story time session allows children to listen to their teachers reading the books out loud, which helps them to develop their own language and vocabulary.
  • The Bug Club Shared books are engaging stories, designed to be read in an exciting way that introduces new ideas, concepts and vocabulary children might not otherwise be exposed to in other readers.



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