What's in Phonics Bug?

134 amazing books - all 100% decodable

With 90 fiction books and 44 non-fiction Phonics Bug readers, there are plenty of exciting stories to choose from, including the hugely popular CBeebies Aphablocks characters.

Phonics Bug books

Fun, varied and packed with humour, each book is 100% decodable so your children will be able to read them independently after learning just eight phonemes. Each Phonics Bug reader is available as an eBook in the online reading world and includes fun quizzes, audio to help with pronunciation and notes for parents. 

Phonics Bug eBooks

With the same great artwork as the books in a simple online interface, these eBooks are a great way to encourage even the most reluctant readers and they’re perfect for use at at home too!


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Phonics Bug Prepare and Assess

Get them ready for the screening check, and ready for a lifetime of reading. Keep all your children on track with their phonics learning and have lots of fun along the way with Phonics Bug Prepare & Assess.

  • Familiarise kids with the tricky concept of non-words with a selection of online games. See some games in action.
  • Ease them into the format of the Year 1 screening check with a handy book of mock tests so they never feel out of their depth.
  • Save precious preparation time with the fun word generator with interactive whiteboard tests. See the word generator in action.

W434b-Phonics-Bug-play-screens-word-games  W434c-Phonics-Bug-play-screens-wordgenerator

Teaching Software for the Classroom

The Phonics Bug teaching tools provide everything you need to teach children the mechanics of reading in a way that gets the whole class involved.

  • Introduce sounds with fun Cbeebies videos - children hear the sound pronounced correctly and see how the letter is formed, plus animations and catchy songs help children remember what they’ve learned. Practice reading, spelling and writing skills together on the whiteboard before moving on to independent work. 
  • With online reading games, worksheets for writing practice and books and eBooks to read, there’s lots for your children to enjoy independently.


Teaching Resources and Support

Whether you're planning lessons, tracking progress, or just cutting out flashcards, we know you're strapped for time.
That's why Phonics Bug provides everything you need to run the whole  programme, from instructions and tips, to plans, assessment sheets, worksheets, photocopiables and much more.
We even offer brilliant Phonics Bug Professional Development courses in case you need a phonics refresher!
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