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What is it?

A phonics programme edited by Professor Rhona Johnston and Dr Joyce Watson and based on a seven-year study in Clackmannanshire that’s proven systematic phonics to be the most effective way to teach children to read. It’s everything you need to teach synthetic phonics at Foundation and Key Stage 1.

What's in it?


Phonics Bug contains 134 amazing, 100% decodable books. With 90 fiction and 44 non-fiction readers, there are plenty of exciting stories to choose from, including the hugely popular CBeebies Alphablock characters. The online subscription also comes with the online reading world, prepare and assess games and whole class teaching software for the class.

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How it works

Phonics Bug meets 100% of the DfE criteria for teaching systematic synthetic phonics and helps children succeed in their screening check to boot. It brilliantly combines an online reading world with stunning eBooks or printed books, with Prepare and Assess online games, word generator, and mock tests for the Year 1 screening check.

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