Pocket Reads

Pocket-sized fun reads from big name authors

Pocket Reads is a superb collection of 120 pocket-sized fiction and non-fiction readers which cannot fail to capture your children's imaginations at KS2. They are especially attractive to children who are put off by too much text.

  • Each book is carefully levelled to ensure gradual progression and includes plenty of follow-up activities to encourage further reading and writing.
  • Every title is linked to one key reading skill.
  • Lots of variety and choice means the boys and girls in your class will always find a pocket-sized read they love.
  • Chapter books guaranteed to appeal to all your juniors.
  • Choose from five fabulously engaging fiction and non-fiction strands – Pocket Tales, Pocket Chillers, Pocket Worlds, Pocket Sci-Fi and Pocket Facts.


Pocket Tales Feebleman Year 3 sample spread 360 pixels


From Feebleman, Year 3 Pocket Tales


Next steps... 

  • Take a closer look and download the Pocket Reads structure chart.
  • Download the Pocket Reads Programme Information chart, ideal for helping teachers decide the skills and level each Pocket Read book is aimed at.  
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Series includes:

The Pocket Reads collection for KS2 includes:

45 Pocket Talesreaders

15 Pocket Chillers readers

15 Pocket Worlds readers

30 Pocket Facts readers

15 Pocket Sci-Fi readers

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Customer Review:

"My daughter loved this book (Tara the Ditch Cat - Pocket Tales, Year 4) so much that she put it as a request in her letter to Father Christmas!"

Mrs R Evans, parent

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