What's in Rapid Reading?

We understand that when it comes to helping struggling readers catch up, sparking their interest and keeping it is a big part of the battle. Rapid Reading is a fantastic collection of finely levelled fiction and non-fiction books, and eBooks, covering a variety of topics and themes that your children will love.

Rapid is made up of:

  • Teacher toolkit - teaching guides and assessment resources to support you and your teaching assistants. 

  • Readers and eBooks - hundreds of finely-levelled readers and eBooks to read in catch-up sessions.

  • Online pupil world - packed with interactive eBooks, a personalised homepage and rewards.

  • Professional Development - ensure all your staff can confidently get the best results from every child.
    Rapid Reading ebook

Starter Level and Stages 1-6

Books begin at Starter Level A, designed for a reading age of 5 years to 5 years and 3 months, and go through to Level 6b, for a reading age of 8 years to 8 years 5 months. For children about to go up to Secondary school, or already in Year 7, Rapid also has a range of Stage 7-9 books.


With over 112 print books to choose from, there’s plenty in each fine level to give repeat practice to children who may move on to the next level slowly - and there's a wide variety of highly engaging topics from animals to space travel to hook in even the most reluctant boys. What's more, each book contains two different texts - fiction and non-fiction - around a single theme, so there's a genre to suit all tastes.

All of the books in Starter Level and Stages 1-6 are also available online.

Rapid Reading for Struggling Readers in KS2 (Stages 1 to 6)

Stages 7-9

Rapid books for Stages 7-9 are ideal for older children with a reading age of 8 to 10.

These books build children’s confidence in reading a range of text types, using the levelling expertise of series editor Dee Reid to support them on their journey to leave their intervention programme and rejoin their peers.

Rapid Stages 7-9 combine thrilling fiction, engaging short play scripts, poems and high-interest non-fiction in each book, and all with built-in support for comprehension.

Rapid Reading for Struggling Readers in KS2 (Stage 7 to 9)

Rapid Reading - proven to triple the rate of progress


Assessment materials and teaching guides

Benchmark books for each stage mirror the look and feel of the reading books and are designed to be read after the reading books at that level. 

The Teaching Guides contain guided reading lesson notes, ideas for speaking and listening, and follow-up activities to extend children’s comprehension, spelling and writing skills.


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