Grammar and Spelling Bug - Online games and teacher tools to help your children build essential grammar and spelling skills

Breathe new life into grammar, spelling and punctuation lessons through fabulous, fun practice games to help children master key skills.









Whole school


What is it?

All the tools you need to deliver the grammar and spelling requirements of the Primary English curriculum.

  • With comprehensive lesson plans and assessments available at the click of a button, you’ll have more time to devote to layering on your teacherly sparkle
  • Your pupils will love practising their newly acquired skills over and over with exciting, time-travel themed games

Grammar and Spelling Bug: Perfect for the new Primary English curriculum

What's in it?



Built to find the fun in learning grammar, punctuation and spelling, Grammar and Spelling Bug is bursting with online practice games and video tutorials that help children master essential skills. 

For you, there are:

  • diagnostic checks
  • teaching guidance
  • and summative assessments to help show children's progress

How it works

Your children will time travel from Aztec to Victorian times completing exciting practice games again and again, learning key skills at every step.

There's a simple four step structure for Grammar and Spelling Bug.

  1. Assess your children's understanding
  2. Teach the objective
  3. Embed the learning
  4. Assess children's progress

Explore how Grammar and Spelling Bug works


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Subscription Pricing

Product Comparison
Infant £109
Junior £219
Whole School £309
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Next steps

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