The perennial favourite for your Foundation and KS1 book boxes

Storyworlds’ fantastic range of fiction and non-fiction titles for guided and independent reading gives you stories your children will love to read over and over again and fact books they won't want to put down.


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From Save the Animals, Purple Level (Stage 8)



The structured way to deliver reading success...

  • Controlled vocabulary and structured progression that you know really works.
  • Fiction and non-fiction readers share the same vocabulary within a Stage.
  • Books are linked to popular themes, like food and the environment, so your children can practise high frequency words.
  • Comprehensive Teaching Guides contain essential planning information guaranteed to make preparation quicker and easier.
  • Developed by Dee Reid and Diana Bentley.
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Series includes:

Storyworlds is a Foundation and KS1/First and Second level guided and independent reading programme and includes:

144 Fiction readers

36 Non-fiction readers

12 Higher-ability fiction readers (Bridges)

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Customer Review:

"I like the well organised approach to Storyworlds books, the repetition within each stage, the amusing, colourful stories, the teacher's guide and the guided reading cards."

Jane Sommerville, The Glasgow Academy

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