How Bug Club Phonics works

Bug Club Phonics meets 100% of the DfE criteria for teaching systematic synthetic phonics and helps children succeed in their screening check to boot.

It brilliantly combines an online reading world with stunning eBooks or printed books, with:

  • Prepare and Assess online games
  • A word generator
  • And mock tests for the Year 1 screening check.

Each book is fully decodable, and the eBooks in the online reading world contain fun quizzes, audio to help with pronunciation and notes for parents to help their children develop their phonics skills.

Proof it works

Teaching to turn reluctant readers into bookworms

Bishop Henderson Primary, Somerset (PDF, 1.45MB)

Turning a trio of struggling boys into bookworms!

See how Bug Club Phonics helped three boys from a rural primary school in Somerset make enormous strides in reading, by knocking down barriers like low confidence and enthusiasm!


Making phonics fun!

Brookfield Infant School, Kent (PDF, 1.46MB)

How Bug Club Phonics infected a whole class with the reading bug!

Brookfield Infants were struggling to find a phonics programme that really resonated with their pupils... until they tried Bug Club Phonics. Now their pupils can't get enough of phonics!sert Callout Content Here

Independent review

"The Bug Club Phonics programme offers a comprehensive phonic development package that can be completed in as little as 16 weeks, or extended to meet the needs of individual children and classes.

"The high quality resources offered as part of this programme provide invaluable support to help busy teachers ensure they are effectively developing phonics within their classroom and having a lot of fun at the same time."

John Dabell
Primary Teacher and trained Ofsted Inspector

Read the full review


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