Bug Club Whole School Ultimate Reading Pack

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March 2020

Capture your children's imagination and nurture lifelong readers

This package contains everything you would get in Whole School Pro Independent and Pro Guided packages, plus 30 of each KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7 Assessment Test, 1 of each Teaching Guide, and 6 of each of Julia Donaldon's Plays to Act.

Plays to act:
6x each of the 6 Julia Donaldson Plays to Act

30x each of the 26 KS1 Reading Tests and 30x 44 KS2 Reading Tests
1x each of the 2 KS1 Assessment Guides
1x each of the 4 KS2 Assessment Guides

Pro Guided package:
6 x each of the 133 KS1 reading books
1 x each of the 133 KS1 guided reading cards
1x each of the 4 KS1 Teacher Guides
12x 24 KS2 reading books
1x 120 KS2 Teaching Cards
32x 12 KS2 workbooks
1x 2 KS2 TG Pro

Independent package:
1x each of the 305 KS1 reading books
1x each of the 142 KS2 reading books

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