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PEW_mic_150x150Created to deliver the English national curriculum and to build a culture of writing for pleasure in your school, Power English: Writing offers flexible planning supported by high quality resources.

In Power English: Writing children are encouraged to draw on their own experiences and interests to write, to create, and to improve their writing skills.

The approach fosters a strong sense of child agency, and encourages a deep immersion in the writing process, to help children believe in themselves as writers.


9 writing projects to study, discuss and create all year round

Power English: Writing has been designed for Key Stage 2 and includes nine genre-focused class writing projects per year, which typically last two to three weeks each.

Our unique interactive planner allows you to choose which lessons you teach, in which order, while showing you curriculum coverage.

Each writing project begins with a detailed study of the genre and is followed by a class writing project, which follows the writing process cycle.

Engaging and creative writing projects

Each lesson has been carefully conceived to help your children embed the process of writing.

  • 'You do' parts of the lesson allow children to work in a self-directed way towards the class writing goal.
  • Lesson plans advise on the intended learning outcome, and give advice on conferencing with children about their work as they write.
  • Mini-lessons are provided to cover specific objectives such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, or a specific writing technique such as planning or drafting.
  • Genre Booklets feature appealing characters with distinct personalities who offer helpful hints and tips on writing, reminding your children of key techniques and strategies to use in their writing.
  • Writing Tips & Tricks cards give children in each year group usable techniques and strategies they can apply in their writing at any time.
  • A vital part of the Power English: Writing pedagogy is 'personal project writing' time. Children can return to their favourite genres, choose their own topics for writing and use all they have learned to produce writing for their own and others’ enjoyment and satisfaction. Not only does this give you plenty of independent writing to use for assessment but, more importantly, it creates a community of engaged and authentic writers who write for pleasure.


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