Power English: Writing provides a fresh approach to writing.

It has both print and online genre-focused resources and activities that will help your children raise their attainment and their interest in writing.

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What’s in it?

  • A structure anchored around writing projects allows your class to master each genre and produce a range of written outcomes.
  • Teaching Guides  for each year group contain structured lesson plans and mini-lessons so you can target your teaching to the needs of your class. There’s lots of advice for classroom implementation, including the teaching cycle and an introduction to the process writing pedagogy. Also included are assessment scales and advice on assessing writing, with examples.
  • An interactive online planner containing lesson plans linked to interactives. These allow you to plan and flex your teaching according to the needs of your class whilst still ensuring full curriculum coverage.
  • Writing Tips & Tricks cards cover grammar, punctuation and spelling for each year group, giving children usable techniques and strategies they can apply in their writing at any time.
  • Child-facing online Genre Booklets provide children with the tools they need to produce successful written outcomes in each genre and can be used as part of children's class writing projects or for reference during personal writing time.


Professional Development

Our face-to-face professional development course aims to help you get the most out of your Power English: Writing resources. The course provides a clear guide to help you plan your lessons and share your love of writing with your class.



You can access the free sample pack, which demonstrates both child-facing and teacher-facing components.

Get access to the free sample pack



How it's packaged

Programme components

  • 4 Teaching Guides
  • 2 Writing Tips & Tricks Cards sets
  • Annual subscription (containing all lesson plans, mini lessons, interactives and genre booklets within a unique interactive planner)
  • Professional development

Just £1,199

 Download: Component Chart (PDF, 3.43MB)


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