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Planning and language resources help deliver new curriculum and raise standards


Shirley Manor Primary Academy, West Yorkshire. The school’s search for new language resources was prompted by the 2014 curriculum. The teachers were very confident with the old curriculum, as they’d built up quite a bank of resources over time, but there was a lot of work to do to get to the same point with the new one. There was a slight feeling of panic around it! Jackie Naughton, Year 3 teacher, explains how Wordsmith was a good starting point for the school as it provides all of the planning with the objectives mapped out.    


Transform new curriculum challenges into exciting teaching

Timberscombe First School, Somerset

Timberscombe First School could see that the grammar requirements of the new curriculum were going to be challenging. The school only goes up to Year 4 so it was important the children were on track when they went to middle school. Alison Blackmore, Literacy subject leader and Year 3-4 teacher, explains why they needed a resource to support the school in facing the new requirements, but also ensure the children remained both motivated and confident. 


Superb planning tools support teaching excellence of the new curriculum Lixwm Primary, Flintshire 

Lixwm Primary is part of a local school partnership of 17 schools, and last year they were given some money by the LEA to invest in new resources. The school was originally only looking for phonics resources, but their consultant told them about Wordsmith; once they saw it they decided to go for it. What most appealed to them was the interactivity and the focus on grammar. The school found the structure and planning in Wordsmith really useful too, especially as they give the teaching assistants something to work through. 


Achieve new grammar targets and higher standards

Lillington Primary, Warwickshire 

Lillington Primary is one form entry, moving to two forms, in quite a disadvantaged area. On average, the children come in at a low starting point and some have poor English. The main challenge for the school was addressing the grammar expectations in the new curriculum. David Giles, Year 6 teacher and Literacy Co-ordinator, explains how the school rose to the challenge and introduced Wordsmith to support and inspire both children and teachers alike.  


Independent Review

"The sheer size and scale of Pearson’s new Wordsmith resource is like looking at Tokyo from above as you come in to land. You peer through the window and get a tingling sensation." the full review. 
- John Dabell, Primary Teacher and Trained Ofsted Inspector 


Happy Teachers

  • W436-Wordy_Girlsmith1"Attainment was the highest we have ever seen, using Wordsmith" (Lillington School, Warks)
  • "The professional Development was very useful; the programme has so much to it." (Lixwm Primary School, Flintshire)
  • "Previously, I'd have to look every night for resources but I don't do that anymore." (Shirley Manor School, Bradford)

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