The Wordsmith Philosophy

There are four core principles at the heart of Wordsmith...

Wordsmith is underpinned by four core principles developed in conjunction with the UK's leading Literacy experts, in order to ensure that it is effective as well as fun:

1. Contextualised Grammar

Children learn grammar best when it is contextualised; when they explore the effect of language choices rather than just learning to label features.

See Professor Debra Myhill from the University of Exeter Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Writing talking about how we can make what children learn about grammar work for them as language users.



2. Purpose and Audience

Writing takes on real meaning and a real sense of excitement when it's done for a real purpose and audience.


W436-Wordy-in-costume13. Varied, Whole Texts

Varied, whole texts are essential both for engagement and for helping children explore what real writers do.


4. Talk for Writing

Talk is one of the most important factors in improving children's writing, allowing them to explore and extend their vocabulary.

See Professor Debra Myhill talking about the importance of oracy in language development. 



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