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Research shows that the ‘word gap’ is widening, with more children than ever entering their Reception year without the essential vocabulary and speaking skills they need to succeed.

The Power of Talk in Developing Children’s Higher Order Thinking Skills

What’s the difference between formative and summative assessment? According to Kat Schofield, you can relate the 2 neatly to Steven Covey’s ‘circle of influence’ and ‘circle of concern’.

As a teacher, summative assessment (by which we mean the SATs) is outside your circle of influence, firmly in the circle of concern: something you need to be aware of, but not something you can change. Formative assessment, however, is where you can be proactive: that lies within the circle of influence, and this is the area in which you can be creative and take action.


Looking for resources to support you in teaching for early language and vocabulary?

Bug Club Phonics - Excite your children and give them a firm foundation in phonics.

Bug Club Vocabulary Early Years Language Booster - A fun and effective series of play based sessions for children in Reception and the Early Years who start school behind their peers in their language development.

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