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Teaching phonics is an important part of every primary teacher's literacy repertoire. However if you are unsure or would like to strengthen your understanding of how best to teach phonics, because of the myriad of conflicting information presented to teachers as well as continually reported in the media.

Understanding phonics

With phonics, children are taught to read by learning the phonemes (sounds) that represent letters or groups of graphemes (letters).

With this knowledge, children can begin to read words by learning how to blend the sounds together. Unlocking how this alphabetic code works means they can learn to decode any word. For example, when they’re taught the sounds /t/, /p/, /a/, /i/ and /s/ early on, children can read words such as it, is, tap, tip, pat, sip and sat by blending the individual sounds together to make the whole word.


Looking for resources to support you in teaching for phonics?

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