Key Language

Essential skills practice for better reading and writing

Three separate series, focusing on grammar, spelling and comprehension help you to focus your teaching on the skills your children most need to improve. All three series offer support for assessment and marking.

Choose from three series with assessment and marking support :

Key Spelling focuses on word level learning, with a range of lively vocabulary activities.

Key Grammar addresses sentence level learning, with plenty of challenge and extension work. 

The Key Steps:

  • Step One: Start with the key idea that reinforces the objective.
  • Step Two: Try it out. Ensure teaching is embedded.
  • Step Three: Keep practising. Reinforce the idea.
  • Step Four: Take up the challenge. The children do further activities to extending their knowledge.

Key Comprehension provides support for in-depth text level learning, with a range of activities for developing comprehension skills.

Getting Started

To try Key Language with your class, order your evaluation copy free for 30 days.


Series includes:

The Key Language series includes:

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