What's in Key Language?


The essential language skills coverage in Key Comprehension is complemented by two associated series: Key Spelling and Key Grammar. These engaging resources reinforce key learning objectives and enable children to practise, consolidate and extend their learning.

Key Grammar and Key Spelling

Key Grammar provides support for in-depth sentence level learning, whilst Key Spelling provides support for in-depth word level learning.

The Key Grammar and Key Spelling Teachers' Books provide:

  • guidance on why grammar and spelling matter
  • subject knowledge on strategies for supporting pupils’ learning
  • answers to all the questions
  • follow-up and extension ideas
  • photocopy masters that offer additional resources, such as dictation. proofreading passages and investigations.
The Key Grammar and key Spelling Pupils' Books provide:
  • self-contained units of work, each focusing on a key objective
  • clear examples of rules or features to remind pupils of learning introduced in whole-class teaching sessions
  • activities that check understanding, practise and consolidate learning and extend learning.


Key Comprehension 

Key Comprehension provides support for in-depth text level learning, offering:

  • great variety of practice and extension materials for individual, group or homework
  • excellent genre coverage with invaluable links to the wider curriculum
  • a range of literal, inferential, deductive and evaluative questions
  • a clear mark scheme
  • focused content presented with engaging illustrations.

The Key Comprehension Teachers' Books provide:

  • clear and practical advice and support for using Key Comprehension in the classroom
  • concise notes indicate text types, reading strategies required, question forms and types.
The Key Comprehension Pupils' Books offer: 
  • progressive units covering all key learning objectives and units focusing on specific text types.

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