Bug Club KS1 Pro Independent Trade Characters Pack (May 2018)

Part of the Bug Club series

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July 2018

This bundle is packed full of beautiful books your children will love to read.

It's made up of 46 different Bug Club books, including Wallace & Gromit: A Runaway Success and Shrek: Trapped In A Tower.

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This pack contains:

x1 BC Blue (KS1) Comic: Slick Tricks£4.50
x1 BC Gold/2B Comic: Tasty Treats£5.50
x1 BC Gold A/2B Sarah Jane Adventures: Judoon Afternoon£5.50
x1 BC Gold B/2B Sarah Jane Adventures: Blathereen Dream£5.50
x1 BC Green C/1B Wallace and Gromit and the Autochef£4.50
x1 BC Green B/1B Wallace and Gromit and the Soccomatic£4.50
x1 BC Green A/1B Wallace and Gromit and the Snowman-o-tron£4.50
x1 BC Green/1B Comic: Super Gloop£4.50
x1 BC Lilac Comic Trucktown: Oh No!£4.00
x1 BC Lime/3C Comic: Monstrous Trouble£5.50
x1 BC Orange/1A Comic: Fun and Mix Ups£5.00
x1 BC Purple/2C Comic: Laugh Out Loud!£5.00
x1 BC Turquoise/1A Comic: Surprise!£5.00
x1 BC White/2A Comic: Mirror Magic£5.50
x1 BC White A/2A Sarah Jane Adventures: Painting Peril£5.50
x1 BC White B/2A Sarah Jane Adventures: Haunted House£5.50
x1 BC Yellow C/1C Shaun the Sheep: Too Many Jobs!£4.50
x1 BC Yellow A/1C Shaun the Sheep: You Are My Mum!£4.50
x1 BC Yellow B/1C Shaun the Sheep: What A Mess!£4.50
x1 BC Yellow/1C Comic: Splash£4.50
x1 BC White A/2A Stunt Bunny: Superpet£5.50
x1 BC White B/2A Stunt Bunny: The Great Getaway£5.50
x1 BC Orange/1A Comic: Superman and the Robots£5.00
x1 BC Purple/2C Comic: Lex Luthor Gets a Job£5.00
x1 BC Gold/2B Comic: The Purple Superman£5.50
x1 BC Gold B/2B Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Weird Weather£5.50
x1 BC Gold A/2B Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Flint the Inventor£5.50
x1 BC Turquoise/1A Comic: Jimmy's Super Watch£5.00
x1 Bug Club Red A (KS1) Timmy Wants to Win£4.00
x1 Bug Club Pink A Duck and the Balloon£4.00
x1 Bug Club Pink B Sarah's Tap Shoes£4.00
x1 Bug Club Lilac Cheer Up, Donkey!£4.00
x1 Bug Club Blue A (KS1) Nowhere to Go£4.50
x1 Bug Club Blue B (KS1) Can We Keep Him?£4.50
x1 Bug Club Blue C (KS1) Trapped in a Tower£4.50
x1 Bug Club Red C (KS1) Timmy's Snowball£4.00
x1 Bug Club Red B (KS1) Beep Beep, Timmy!£4.00
x1 Bug Club Orange A King Julien: Everyone Loves King Julien!£5.00
x1 Bug Club Orange B King Julien: King Julien's Jobs£5.00
x1 Bug Club Turquoise A King Julien: King Julien and the Rain Dance£5.00
x1 Bug Club Turquoise B Thunderbirds: Skyhook£5.00
x1 Bug Club Purple A Thunderbirds: Fireflash£5.00
x1 Bug Club Purple B Thunderbirds: Tunnels of Time£5.00
x1 Bug Club White All Wallace & Gromit: The Weatherman£5.50
x1 Bug Club Lime A DreamWorks Dragons: When Lightning Strikes£5.50
x1 Bug Club Lime All Wallace & Gromit: A Runaway Success£5.50
x1 Bug Club Lime B DreamWorks Dragons: No Pack Like Home£5.50
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